Can the honeymoon phase last forever? One may think so, but others may differ in their opinion, and I wonder why that is? Do you suppose they know something most people don’t?   Time doesn’t change, but people sometimes do.  Starting a new relationship can be a whole lot of fun.

When two people come together as a couple, and both of you are feeling that sensation which is similar to a natural or exhilarating high, it’s a great feeling, right?


Being with that special someone kinda takes you back to when you were that carefree teenager and you didn’t have a care in the world. Remember, those days, when you talked on the phone for hours and hardly got any sleep, but you still had to get up for school the next morning?

Remember when he would sneak up behind you, wrap his arms around your waist, kiss you on the side of the neck, and then whisper in your ear about how much he missed you and what he wanted to do to you, and then you’d blush?  

Wow! Those were good times……. 

Seriously, can the honeymoon phase last forever? Wow! How things have changed in this relationship. What the hell happened? What went wrong?  This relationship was so great. OMG, I guess the honeymoon stage is over, but I miss it.

Why are we still here? Why are we still together?  My feelings have changed, we’re both feeling it, but yet we’re hanging on, hanging to what?  We’re even calling ourselves a couple.  Are we delusional?

Why do we continuously inflict mental anguish on ourselves?  Am I incapable of finding someone else?  Or could it be that we genuinely love each other and pray for that smidgen of hope? 

Deep down, we’re both trying to see that minuscule inch of a change, just to put our minds at ease that this could actually work.

….  Be honest with yourself….

You can’t change anyone who doesn’t want to change. So, please remove that absurd thought from your mind.  Accepting what is, can sometimes be a hard pill to swallow, but it is what it is. DONE!!!

If you both changed for each other, I could almost guarantee you; the change will be short lived. Someone will regress to their old ways. Old habits are sometimes hard to break, especially if the change was not for the right reasons.  

You can’t become this new and improved person for your significant other overnight, it just doesn’t work that way. 

But, you can grow and mature into the real YOU.  Knowing what you want, allows YOU to know what you don’t want in a relationship. You must transform yourself to make YOU a better and happier person.  So, start there. 

Can the honeymoon phase last forever? In a healthy and stable relationship, both individuals must be on the same page, side by side, complementing each other on every level.  Let me elaborate a little; while you may both have different interests, likes, and dislikes, that’s OK.

What I’m talking about is the coming together of two like-minded people — being there for each other spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally on every level. I promise you; you will both feel the vibe for each other when you get there.


Having good communication is an excellent place to start.  Being responsive and considerate to each other needs and desires is also essential. Once you respect yourself, that will make it easy to reciprocate that respect to someone else. Communication & respect are critical in all healthy relationships. 

Only YOU can find that peace and happy place inside of YOU.  The coming together of two entities in alignment is a beautiful thing.  Sharing in each other’s happiness is what will sustain a healthy relationship.

In a healthy relationship, it’s give and take. One must be willing to give of themself to make others happy sometimes and vice versa.  A beneficial relationship will always require work from time to time. Make it easy on yourselves.  It’s not rocket science.

Both of you should bring something to the table weather verbally, emotionally, or spiritually.  There will be times when you won’t see eye to eye, and that’s fine, there’s no need to make a big deal out of it, this is the perfect moments to grow and learn from each other. 

There must always be a level of respect from both parties, and this is no exception to the rule. Listen to what each other has to say no matter how mundane and long-winded you may think it is.

If two people can’t respect and communicate with each other, then forget about the trust factor, what’s the point?  Sometimes space can be the perfect remedy to enable both invested parties the needed time to think and ponder with regards to moving forward.

How can I deal with a honeymoon phase being over?  You will know if the one you’re with is the one for you if you are honest to yourself.

The inner you (higher you) will not lie to you, but sometimes we choose to ignore it, and when we do, we will reap the repercussions of our actions, and we only have ourselves to blame. Life is easy; don’t make it complicated.

Never leave a relationship out of anger. Sometimes the person you are running away from could be the same character you attract right back into your life from someone else.  You didn’t allow yourself enough time to some me-time before starting a new relationship. 

Never stay in a relationship because of fear.  What I mean by this word is you may feel you can’t get someone else for whatever the reason and don’t want to be alone so you settle. As long as you remain true to yourself, you will find each other, and both of you will know it and feel it when you see each other.

Don’t lose all hope because although the one who you may think is the wrong person for you, may turn out to be the right person for you in the end. You both could be together to teach, learn, and grow with each other.

So, can the honeymoon phase last forever? Yes, yes, yes, most definitely. If you love YOU, then YOU will want what’s best for YOU.  Put your best foot forward, and everything else will fall into place, and YOU will be alright. 

Hope this helped, would love to hear your comments. CLICK HERE

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