Suppose you met someone online and felt that that person was the one for you, but you’re living on opposite sides of the world? Do you think it’s worth your time and effort to correspond with this special someone and maintain a long-distance relationship?

What if this person is your soul mate? You might be pleasantly surprised to know how much this relationship can grow if you take it one step at a time and work at it.

If you understand and apply these simple rules, your relationship can become one of the most successful and happy relationships that you could ever imagine.


A long-distance relationship, including phone calls, texting, video calls or plain old emails, can conjure up a deep sensational intimacy. From learning about the other’s desirable qualities, their values, their way of thinking, their sensitivities, dreams, and aspirations can take you both to another level.

This type of intimacy can make the relationship closer and even more special. And as if relationships weren’t complicated enough, but being involved with someone way across the world or a city or state or town can make it extremely challenging. Just read the following rules and try to apply them as much as possible, it will keep the flames burning.


  • The quality of a great relationship is excellent communication if both parties are open enough with each other to share their feelings with no hesitations.

    Do not be afraid to say what you think, need, and want from each other, you both deserve to know the truth and decide whether either of you want to be in this relationship or not.
  • Make the relationship a high priority. Take the time to share those special moments. Stop putting off that phone call and make the time to get to know each other more. 
  • Keep in touch daily. If you are running up a massive phone bill, you can install WhatsApp on your mobile, or may send emails, contact each other on Facebook, or visually see each on skype, zoom, or other different kinds of video conferencing. 

There are so many platforms available these days that will bring you that much closer. And when you do converse, don’t always center your conversations on lovey-dovey talks, try to mix it up a little and talk about what’s happening in the world, keep each other informed on the day-to-day aspects of your lives.

This is the perfect opportunity to learn how the other is thinking or feeling about specific topics and life itself.  You will grow to know each other better and become close friends first.   


Late-night talks can convey a lot of what is essential in the long-term: your goals, values, and dreams.

  • Be prepared to be flexible. Tell your partner how much you think about them, how you miss them and want to be with them and love them, and you will surely score high marks.

    Making them miss you more, will fill them with the constant urge to gently touch or hold you or make love to you in a passionate and loving way.

    But don’t be possessive. Being paranoid and pointing fingers will only grow doubts, insecurity, and tension between both of you and none of those feelings will help the relationship in the long run thrive.

If your partner truly wants to be with you he/she doesn’t want to wait forever to hold you, kiss you or have you next to them.  


As long as you can trust each other and allow each other to enter into your personal lives, your relationship can turn into a happy and beautiful relationship. Ultimately, a fantastic relationship is the goal –Right?

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