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“Silence Is Golden” goes without saying. But, so many of us hear the words, but don’t really penetrate the words. Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever been in a relationship, where your partner you just started dating is as fine as can be, the perfect catch, husband material?

I get it, you’re excited and you want to climb up the tallest building and shout from the rooftop. You’ve found your soul mate…and you’re in love…

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Being proud of your second half is golden. That’s a beautiful and healthy thing. The problem comes into play when you start talking too much about your personal business and you get all excited about how you’re feeling. You feel as though you’re gonna burst if you don’t tell somebody.

Too many times the person you think is your closet or best friend is the one who will turn around and cause you so much damage and a whole lot of pain. They are the ones you trust the most and tell all your deepest, darkest secrets to. They are the ones who know you best.

Energy and vibes are two important things in a relationship. Some of you may be asking yourself, where am I going with this? Well! energy and vibes have everything to do with this. As human beings, we are all energy and we all feel vibes.

The worst thing you could ever do is to tell your best friend everything. You could be sabotaging a great relationship, without even realizing what you are doing to yourself. You see, your best friend may not intentionally set out to harm you, but sometimes, because their life isn’t going the way they want it to, they may push a negative energy or vibe in your direction. Some of your friends will want you to stay where they are, lonely and alone.

Think about this for a sec., have you ever had a conversation with your best friend and everything you say to them, they counteract it? for example, you may say something like, “I think I’ve found my soul mate, he or she treats me so good, I’m so tired because I was on the phone all night and I didn’t get much sleep, I can talk to him or her about anything, he or she really gets where I’m coming from or we are so much alike, etc.”

If you are a female Then your friend may respond something like, “you don’t even know him well enough to be talking about him like that, all men are dogs, just give it some time and you will see for yourself, he’s only nice because the relationship just started, give it some time and you’ll see what I’m talking about, come on, if he is that fine, you know other women are gonna be checking him out and dogs will play, etc”.

And if you’re a guy you might hear something along this line “All women are gold diggers, just give it some time and you’ll see what I’m talking about, something ain’t right, she’s too good to be for real, she’s playing you, don’t get too caught up in her, don’t go spending all your money on her, she’s using you, man, you’re too soft, you better be careful or she’s too good for you, etc”.

If your friend is responding to you with comments like this, that should be a RED FLAG, telling you “SHUT THE HELL UP” and stop talking. For your own good, don’t get so caught up and excited with your current love interest that you feel the need to talk to someone who you think will share in your happiness. My advice to you, quit while you’re ahead.

There is no way that you can’t say you don’t feel the vibe or the energy that your friend is pushing, it is staring you right in the face, but you’re too caught up in your relationship and your trying to give your so-called friend the benefit of the doubt that you just keep ignoring the signs.

What’s even more of a mess, is when you have to go there and talk about that three-letter word SEX. What goes on the bedroom stays in the bedroom. But Oh! No! you must go into details. Are you kidding me? That area is taboo and off limits. You’re setting yourself up for disaster and you only have yourself to blame.

Think about this for a second, your partner is FINE or HOT, and now you’re telling someone else about how he or she performs in the bedroom. Are you nuts? That’s a train wreck waiting to happen. That same so-called best friend who is listening and hanging on to your every single word. If given the chance, will try to jump into the sack with your significant other and sample the menu.

Silence is golden, this is a very true statement. There is nothing wrong with sharing some of the good news with a friend, but know how much to say, don’t say too much. Sometimes your so-called friend is just lonely in their own life and wishes they could have what you have. If that is really your true friend, they will never cross the line. Remember misery loves company.

Let’s, look at the positive side of this. It is a blessing in disguise because now you know, the person you are dating has really got your back if they have rejected the advances from your so-called best friend and tell you what your friend is trying to do behind your back, that says a lot. A so-called best friend that doesn’t help you to climb but would rather watch you crawl, isn’t a friend.

Now! you will have to confront your so-called friend with the truth and be honest with yourself. When I say, “be honest with yourself”, I mean, you always had a feeling, but you kept doubting it. By believing what your new boyfriend or girlfriend is now telling you only confirms what you have been feeling inside but chose to ignore. Silence Is Golden.